I bought extra light martin acoustic SP strings and as I was tuning it up. I noticed the they where not staying in tune I looked and the bridge had lifted. I only got to play the guitar for three days how much is it going to cost to fix it? The thing that makes me so mad is that if. I had left the strings that it came with I could still have my guitar. I don't know what kind of strings that were on it but after I tuned them up the strings stayed in tune and they sounded great this just makes me sick
What kind of guitar was it? I would think that the manufacturer would cover that under warranty. Either that or just complain to the store and they should repair or replace it for free. 3 days is unacceptable. And having the old strings on should not have kept the bridge from lifting so don't worry about that. The extra lights would put less tension on the guitar if anything. That said, repairing the bridge shouldn't be too difficult. A little hide glue and a clamp should do it.
My advice is to go get a quality guitar
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i agree with collins here, def get a bridge thats MEANT to be a steel string bridge...
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My advice is to go get a quality guitar

Eh, I like how it looks though.
However, as I stated awhile back, the bridge on that guitar is not the original.
In fact, It looks like its been replaced by a classical guitar bridge.
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I would like think everyone that provided helpful comments and I would also like some suggestions for a replacement bridge. I have a guitar store one county over they charge an arm and a leg for everything. But it looks like they are my only hope unless I drive four counties over to guitar center. I have called them and they said that it would cost $80 just to glue it back on.
I have four projects going on and if everything works out next week I will have another one. This one that's most important right now what I have been thinking about is haveing a custom piece made to fit the bridge. That's on it and add a tail piece like this one.

Would that work?

(David Collins) How much would you charge me to make a custom bridge? Not a regular bridge but one like the one in the picture if it doesn't cost to much. I could mail you the bridge that's on it so you could make an exact copy. Sorry if I didn't make it completely clear what I'm asking for I was having trouble wording right
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a tail piece like this one.

Would that work?

i just built an acoustic with a similar concept (tailpiece and floating bridge) and it works great.

You might be able to remove the old bridge and just replace it with something similar with little to no machinig etc on the body.

Good Luck
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Do you have any pictures of your project also do you have any tips or info/resources on the repair?
I guess you're just going to ignore the professional's advice? I don't think the easy way out will produce good results.
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I know (David Collins) is a professional I hope he doesn't take offense to it but my middle name is the easy way out

David please keep the helpful comments coming

Well I hope it turns out well anyways.
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I have found this blank bridge each is approximately 7" x 1/2" x 2-1/8" (177.80mm x 12.70mm x 53.97mm and cost $7.13

I also found this archtop guitar bridges cost $22.95

Would something like this wrok? cost $19.36 I probably will need a full body one

Thin Body Trapeze Tailpiece
A traditional 335-style trapeze tailpiece with die-cast string mounting bar, for archtop or thin-hollowbody guitar. 1-15/16" (49.21mm) string spread; 1-3/8" (34.93mm) mounting plate depth; extends 5-1/2" (139.70mm) over the top of the guitar.

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I found this on ebay is there any reason why this wouldn't work?


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Sorry to be a jerk about these things but I would like an answer please

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Don't compromise what you want just because the other option is easier. That's how people get stuck with fat chicks.

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