Abridged Pause Recordings presents two new releases:

What we've got here to offer are two free digital releases. The first is a 13 songs digital compilation featuring 13 exclusive songs by various post-metal, post-rock, post-black metal and ambient bands. All these songs were either recorded or pulled out from the shadows especially for this release. The second is a split by Phlegma and Stagnant Waters (both with members of Smohalla). Their split ep features the first two songs recorded by each bands.

(click picture to download for free)

01-Pet Slimmers of the Year - Brujas
02-Black Sand and Starless Nights - 5/8th's Perfection
03-Somnam - In the Woods of Silence
04-Tower - The Sculpt Eyes and You
05-Omega Centauri - Battle of Öland
06-Parabstruse - Turning Back
07-Black Autumn - Metatron
08-Dying Sun - Sleep Unending
09-Smohalla - Une Longue Marche
10-Kailash - Past Changing Fast
11-Feos - Le Fin Absolute Du Monde
12-Last Minute to Jaffna - Chapter XII
13-Semiosis - Holy Nothing / Nothing Holy

(click picture to download for free)

01-Phlegma - Orpheline
02-Phlegma - Évolution
03-Stagnant Waters - Algae
04-Stagnant Waters - Willpower

If you like these releases, please help spread them. We want as many people to hear these amazing releases.


Hm...perhaps I'll check it out, they were...interesting to say the least when I last heard them.
thanks for the good feedback everyone. does anyone else have anythnig to say about these releases?