Just recorded this...kinda did it in my own way, especially vocal wise. At the end I did add a little "tribute" to the original song haha, using my falsetto, kinda as a joke haha It's on my profile, any crits are greatly appreciated
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You've got a very rock style when it comes to vocals. You were a bit pitchy every now and again, but that's fine. Try to play around with dynamics a bit more. Though it sounds like you have to be rather quiet for the mic you're using. What kind of a setup are you working with? Also, when doing harmonies, be sure to match up with the melody line as perfectly as you can. And next time, try going balls out and belting those high notes. But once more, in order to get that recorded, you have to have a good enough setup. Wasn't bad overall.

Dude, first off, your Dire Dire Docks cover, and your Frank Sinatra cover are amazing, I am very impressed.

You have a great voice, but in the dashboard song, you fall flat in a few areas, and are a little shaky in others. Overall though if you could perfect your vocals I would have no complaints.

Your Sinatra cover though, "I've got you under my skin", was pretty much perfect. I would totally want it, if you were to ever record it again with better quality.