I was playing both my guitars today and just realized how utterly weak sounding my G400 is, so I was thinking that I'd like something a bit different and I'd like a P90 kind of sound. How does the SD PhatCat sound? Also, there's a cheaper humbucker sized P90 on eBay called a Catswhisker Phat Moggy, anyone heard of / used these pickups before?

Found this site: http://www.catswhiskerpickups.co.uk/11.html

Any other suggestions for a good, hard rock / alt rock pickup?
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bareknuckle Pickups make a p90 humbucker sized called the mississippi queen. Matt bellamy uses it rock out frequently.
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Are BKP really £20 better than SD? Yes I know I'm cheap, but I'm going to uni in september so cheaper is good

Unfortunately this thread is not about giant pics of things I can't make out because giant pic is giant!
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$35 will get you a Mean 90 from Guitar Fetish, which is a humbucker sized p-90. I have one and I really like it, never tried a Phat cat but im very pleased with the Mean 90
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All i hear is that there very good! I really want some, and i do agree that they are pricey!
Maybe it's time for me to stop being a cheapskate and get something nice. Only trouble is, the pickup will cost pretty much half as much as the guitar did! Although if it is really nice I suppose I can flip it over to my main guitar and put the LP pickup into the SG
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Guitar Fetish don't ship to the UK do they?

There's always Ebay?
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^ If you mean eBay from USA, by the time I've paid shipping & customs & VAT then I'll have paid pretty much the same as I would for 2nd hand SD's
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look for some Lace Sensors
they make noisless single coils and P90ish pickups
Guitar Fetish does ship to UK, I think. I mean, it says wolrdwide shipping...but just go and check yourself
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I'm curious about the Mean 90s too. I like my G400, save for the pickups.

GFS should ship to the UK, I just ordered 2 guitar kits and a stack of parts to Aus. They shipped quickly, no questions. Tracking says they're almost here. Keen to know what all the fuss is about.
if ur going to get a p-90 get the classic gibson design ones them are sweet
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Talk to rockmonkeyguitars.com. They custom wind them for you, I believe they are in the UK. UGers get 10% off. Talk to corderoyEW, he is a UGer that works there. I think I spelled cords name wrong, but I'm close.
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