I dont know who you are but what I do know is I love you
I know you are the most beautiful girl in the world
I know your voice reminds me of an angel
I know you make me happier than anyone ever has
I know I could spend a whole night holding your hand and be happy doing just this
I know that theres a sparkle in your eyes that will drive me wild
I know there will never be anything less than a smile on my face when im with you
I know youre perfect for me
I know youre smile will lighten my world even on my darkest days
I know forever with you will be the easiest thing i can do
I know life will never be the same when i figure out who you are, and thats a good thing
I know I cant live without you, yet somehow Im making it through knowing one day youll be around
I know that I cant wait for you but Id be willing to wait forever for just one day
I know more than anything I love you
I dont know who you are but what I do know is I love you

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I'm trying to cover one of my bedroom walls in semen. I'm about half way done.

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