Ok, so I just bought a Peavey Classic Vt for $100, It's old, 70's-80's. It's a big amp, real loud, but it's got some issues that kinda scare me...since idk that much about tube amps....
I figured I should ask around on UG \m/(^.^)\m/
Ok, so it's appearently got an SS preamp And the rest is tube, but that makes me wonder....

1. I've heard you will hurt a tube amp if you unplug ur guitar while it's on. Is that true? Since i've got an SS preamp, will it hurt my amp?

Ok, so it's also got a built in phaser with rate and color knobs. Except, even if you turn the rate all the way off, you can hear it sweep in and out periodically as you play, and the color still affects the sound when the rate is off.

2. What could cause the phaser to not kick off all the way?

3. How difficult would it be to put an on/off switch on the phaser? Seems like I could just pull the hot wire off the pot and put in a switch right there...

4. Would an On/off switch fix the phaser problem?

Ok, when i'm playing, this amp sneezes at me. Like literally sounds like somebody trying to shoot snotballs at someone all the way across the room. Scratchy snap-crackle-pop kinda noises.

5. Any idea what's causing this? I would think it's a loose connection, but Idk for sure...

One more thing....

The previous owner(who was guitarded) waited until after I had bought the amp to inform me that she had used it to try to learn bass....

6. I know that plugging a bass into your guitar amp is a very bad idea, but why?

7. The speakers aren't blown, so can i assume the bass playing did no damage?

Thanx \m/(^.^)\m/
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1. not true. its if you unplug the speakers that creates a problem.

2. if there's no on/off switch, the phaser is still in the circuit. does this amp have a footswitch jack?

3&4. can be hard, might not be, would be easier if you had a schematic.

5. not sure

6. stupid idea....it may have even caused some of the problems (#5) that u listed

7. no, dont assume that, blown speakers arent the only problems that can be caused...
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1. AJK answered

2.The schematic I found for shows that there are two footswitch jacks on the amp. This would control the effects.

3. It's already there

4. If the relays are still functional

5. Several things possible here. You may mant to Deoxit some connections. (It's a solvent that gets rid of oxidation).

6. It's a bad idea. The speaker is one problem, the output transformer is another (expensive) problem. Both have to be able to recreate that frequency (given by their frequency response).

7. AJK again
5 could be a bad pot. old amps usually need new pots.

6. im not sure about this, but don't do it. and cuntpunt her for doing it.

7. blown speakers rarely happen. but if the amp still works ok, just go with it.