Just wanted to get some suggestions for any good rap artists. What I mean by "good" is well written lyrically, not some type of crap that just has random words that rhyme.

Also, I'm not talking about rap rock groups, considering I already listen to a bunch of those... I'm talking about hip hop rap, like the rap black people listen to (not trying to be offensive or anything)
im not that closed minded but i can only think of 3 rap groups i think are good, sugarhill gang, Jurassic 5, and tupac(not a rap group)
Wu-Tang Clan, Jurassic 5, Hieroglyphics, the Roots. etc.
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Also, I'd like to mention that I'm looking for a more modern sound, like Nas or Mos Def (only 2 rappers I've actually really listened to)

EDIT: Nas's newer stuff, I should say lol.
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There is a huge thread on this in the 'Other' forum. You will get plenty of good suggestions there.
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