Hey guys,

I'm new to touring and am looking to get the booking underway. I've done booking locally plenty of times, but not in Ontario/Quebec. Does anybody know of any good websites or forums listing the best venues for touring bands who do not have a following in those cities? Any suggestions?

Off the top of my head there are a few venues for Montreal: Café L'Inconditionnel , Foufounes Electriques ( http://www.foufounes.qc.ca/news/ ), Metropolis ( http://www.montrealmetropolis.ca/Metropolis/faq_en.aspx ), Medley ( http://www.medley.ca/ )... here's a list of venues in Montreal http://www.montreal.worldweb.com/RestaurantsBars/LiveMusicClubs/
Some cities are more active than others on this forum. Hamilton (near Toronto) and the Toronto and Montreal boards are *quite* active. Probably the ultimate indie music forum for Canada, depending on what city you're in....


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