Hey guys,

I'm really excited because the pedal which produces my favourite wah sound got reissued, plus the pricing seems to be really reasonable. Still, I haven't read any news when it will be available in the UK/continental Europe, and I'd like to pre-order when it's possible (if the price will still be reasonable, hopefully it will be).

So, anyone of you seen an option to pre-order it here, in EU? Or maybe heard any news about it?
Well I'm here in the US and have been tracking it in some stores like SameDayMusic and Zzounds for quite a while now, since it was announced. However everytime they post a date "more expected" it keeps getting postponed. This has been going on since October and now the date is January 10th, 2010!!!
I really want to buy this pedal since $99 for a new metal one is so much better than for an old one on ebay that goes for $300+. But seriously, when will they be available?!
Many Guitar Centers have them in store...if you use a credit card they can ship it to your billing address.

You could find someone in the US to send you one

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