How much roughly does having your guitar set-up cost in England?

Bridge height, pickup height, string height etc, nothing major like rewiring or anything.

My guitar is a Fender Stratocaster by the way.

0 moneyz if you do it yourself.

Everything you said is extremely is easy to fix, and learning how is a valuable skill for guitar playing.
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It depends on the work mine was like 50UDS for rewireing, string change, intnation the nine....
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N reality it should cost about £10 but u get charged alot these days.

Go to a good tech and ask him to do it directly as a shop will charge u double just to hand it to the tech like a finders fee which is a waste.

Try machinehead their set ups are awesome or if your in cambridgeshire area i can give u a number for an amazing tech who does it for a fair price
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There's a book called Guitar Player Repair Guide by Dan Erlewine, available through Stew-Mac that has a few pages on setting up a Strat's action and intonation.
I hear that Strats are a bear to setup with the tremblo and all. This book has helped a few of my friends dial in there Fenders.
This is a great book for any guitar player, builder, tuner, tech, to have.
Learn to do it yourself, and you'll make money dialing in other Strats. How much would you charge someone if you knew the tricks? Good luck
I'm in Scotland and a full set-up in Glasgow costs you around £65

So I can only guess it'll be similar for England.

However you are probably better learning yourself. Saves you a lot of money and time waiting for it to be returned.
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