i've beeen trying all the pinch exercises and i know the points on my guitar, the thumb position, and the picking angle, but i cant seem 2 get and harmonics. does anyone have any tips?
I always find if the tone and volume knobs on my guitar are low it usually wont work or it will be a really faint sound. also make sure you're using the bridge pick up.
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try moving your picking hand around on the string.
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Can you get natural harmonics there ok? If you can then - bridge pickup, some distortion, dig in a bit with your pick but barely touch the spot with your thumb - make sure its your thumb hitting the node not the pick too lol - and practice practice practice

Edit: don't forget the harmonic node will move depending on where on the neck your fretting. Try them on open strings first, so you don't have to chase the harmonic up and down the string while your learning to pinch.
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