I was just wandering if anyone knows of anywhere that I can get a guitar missing the electrics.

I have an old guitar but I dont like it (and I only play my acoustic).

I was wandering where I can get a shell without the electrics (to save money as I have non)
you mean just a guitar with no pickups, volume/tone controls, input jack, stuff like that?

you would prolly have to buy a body blank, neck, bridge, and tuners and build it yourself, if thats what youre askin
Yeah pretty much, thanks.

I just cant afford a guitar right now, but really want/need one. I was just considering my options really.
I don't know of any places that sell electronic-less solid body guitars, but like juicy said, ebay is your friend..

search around ebay and craigslist for necks/bodies/hardware.. you'll probably have to assemble it all, but you can end up with a pretty decent guitar..

edit: lol @ my late reply.. but ..yeah..
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Try Craigslist for a while. I've occasionally perused the musical instruments and have seen a few people selling blanks.