I recently posted this song in T&C, and now its recorded with midi drums and vocals. The vocals aren't entirely serious, and are more just a rough demo for rehearsal purposes, but I think they hold enough water to warrant posting them. The lyrics, however, are completely nonsensical. They're a collection of inside jokes and are not by any means meant to be serious.

So please, enjoy. It's called "If Edwards is Dead, I Want His Cupcake."

im lsteing to it as i write. cool techno intro. nice metal intro. i dont liek the high screams much, too black metal for me. awesome bass run down. the lows are pretty brutal. Breakdown \m/ lol i like the chromatic synth liine. like that classic rock riff, cool synth chords. nice piano thing. completely new feel. overall a pretty cool song. only thign production wise id say is to bring up the instruments a bit, vocals were a bit too loud for me. anyways ace song. also im curious, you have a drummer as a member but the drums sound like a sampler. does he program his lines or he plays them on a e-kit?