pretty self explainatory, im angry at my girl. and i need some songs to play that will piss her off a little more..
heres one.
three days grace - home
yeah good pick..but im more or less lookin for songs that i can play and sing to her while shes stompin around bitchin cause im always playing my guitar. thanks for the song though,i'll deffinatly put that on my im pissed at my girlfriend CD
how bout good riddance? itll work if she knows what its actually about...

maybe kissing time by kiss?
you know, ive owned 8 different guitars over my lifetime, and right now i have 3. i wanna know what the hell happened...i mean the picks and cables are understandable, they disappear into thin air all the time, but guitars?

just get the album the sexorcist...by necro...the song "i degrade you" or "you bitches love to get fucced in the ass" bang that booty in the doody girl spread em

if she is pissed stompin around though sounds like u need a new gal homie