Hi All,

I move around a lot so I usually have some new gear wherever I go, and leave it all behind when I move, but it looks like I'll be staying put for a while so I'd like some advice on some good gear. I'll first list my gear and what I listen to, then some thoughts on what kind of new gear I was considering.

Here is a list of my current gear:

Epiphone Les Paul
Jackson Reptone 75 (tiny ass amp)
Boss MT-2
Boss TU-2
[would also like to add a delay pedal)

I mainly like to play rock/metal such as Oasis, Foo Fighters, In Flames, Gojira, Death, Slipknot, The Haunted/At the Gates/etc.

I always play through headphones because of my neighbors (old building, hardwood floors, etc). I was considering maybe a Line 6 Pod 2.0 for this reason. Would the amp models on this unit be adequate to get the kind of sound I need to play the rock/metal stuff I mentioned above? I would also consider an amp if it were versatile enough to cover me, provide headphone output, and also maybe be suitable for live performance (like a bar or something).

Would also like a new guitar, was considering an Ibanez because they feel so damn good at the store compared to what I have now. Also Schecter, ESP, LTD considered. Must be <$500.

Thanks all for reading.
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What on earth is a Gibson Epiphone?
I've heard good things about the Pod's never tried one myself though. For those styles you'd want to be looking at a Marshall great rock tone and easily boosted up to metal. Maybe a Peavey of some kind. Not sure about the headphone socket though some have them some don't
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