so i just learned how to finger tap and i learned couple of easy solos
then i thought the one solo where kirk taps really fast was really cool
so i gave it shot and i couldnt tap fast enough but if i use a side of apick and hit it against the fret board as it if it were my right index finger i can pull the the tapping solo off

is it bad to replace pick for finger? should practice more with my finger or it doesnt make a diffrence if i do it with a pick?
in my opinion, the tapping sounds sharper if you use your pick and more fluid if you use your fingers. they have different sounds. but i think you definitely should practice more with your fingers if you ever wanna go into more complex tapping, using multiple tapping fingers
oh okay cool
well i dont get lessons so i have picked up bad habits
and i just wanted to find out if this was another bad habbit

Example: like i hold a pick slightly wrong