Hi i'm a beginner - Intermediate, i'm getting there with the chords and simple strumming but my brian is struggling with the concept of more active or detailed strumming and singing at the same time, the later i just can't do. Has anyone got any tips for me? Is it just a matter of more practice or is this something some people just can't do?

I know that BB king can't play and sing??
Quote by the strangler
just practice

yeah, like everything, start slowly and speed up
I was an acoustic guitar player for several years before I really got into electric guitar. I wanted to be able to get power out of my acoustic (12 String). I found that I got more power and cleaner sounds by accurately placing my pick on the root string and giving it a hefty stroke from the wrist than I ever got from arm strumming. In fact, I had more stamina and broke less strings.

You mentioned the C chord. I tend to mute the E string with my third finger. I rarely use the thumb for muting. In fact I use it more often for those “five finger chords” when I need to move the root up in full open chords.

By the way, I also found out that a controlled wrist really helps to train the hand to do those Mark Knopfler finger picking riffs.

Thank you for your kindness Rob.
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