I have a perfect condition ESP LTD Deluxe M-1000 (see-thru black color) for sale or trade. I bought this a few months ago and learned that im not a floyd rose guy.
it is in perfect condition, with pix available upon request
it also includes a case
the price is firm, i paid over 1000 for this (920 for the guitar and 90 for the case) perfect condition and very new

we could meet wherever, or you could come to my house and test it out if you live in FL

could ship or trade...pm me if interested or email asmarvets@aol.com

looking for a EC-1000 to trade for
i would possibly be willing to trade for a Gibson Explorer or a Jackson Kelly (open to other offers, but please no fender, bc rich, washburn or dean)
oops, the price im looking for is 700, and you can just respond in the thread if you want also