Are there any after market sustainers that could be put into a SSS style stratocaster? all i have been able to find is the fernandes system which requires a humbucker.

thanks in advance!
you could look into lace pickups, they have some 'sustainer' systems. not like fernandes tho, but they are single coil.
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the fernandes 401 is a single coil with a blank(if used in a humbucker slot), from what i understand from the way it`s fitted to steve vai`s flo is it that the neck pickup is no longer available as a stand alone pickup and only the bridge and middle pup are available the sustainer is then either on or off and works in conjunction with whichever pup is selected....

you might aloso want to look at sustainiacs i`ll let you look them up......

edit:-the fernandes systems can be used i a sigle coil guitar........
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