Trapped In A Dream Like Reality
Do you consider me
The one to hold you when tears run down your face
Or when its dark at night and the light floats into space
Do you consider me
The one to be there when the sun comes out
Or are you looking at me like what the hell are you talking about

Why don’t you try harder
The next time
Cause I don’t mind
If you hang around like u stopped mid climb
Cause I cant see your face when I close my eyes
I used to see it all the time

Please let me know
I need to know
I feel I’ve grown
Like I’ve been watered down with a farmers hope
Then trashed again and lost my home
Like a car can’t stop on the steepest slope

Now ill just lose my voice
And Ill mime the next rhyme
Cause I cant hear your voice
So I talk to myself like all the time

Now ill lose my voice
And mime the next rhyme
Since I stopped hearing your voice
I talk to myself like all the time

You were taken way too soon
Your face reflects upon the moon
When I daydream in the afternoon
All I dream about is you….
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