That's awesome, really love the crickets in the background too, adds a lot to the song.
Andy McKee is my favourite guitars and I'm glad to say you've done an excellent cover
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Rylynn finally uploaded successfully so check it out. I find it much more difficult to play than Heather's Song, but that's why I like it better I suppose.
Wow dude, checked out the rylynn cover, sounds sick great job. You pretty much nailed it, aside from a few very minor flaws, but hey that's to be expected. Awesome job.
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Haha yea I know, I'm glad I recorded it, because now I know exactly where my weak points are, and what I was playing wrong. Thanks for the compliment too.
Very nice man. I've been getting into his stuff a lot to. I recently learned drifting. Next I was going to do For My Father. But I think you just might have convinced me to do Rylynn. I forgot how awesome it was!
LoL thanks man. Rylynn is WAY harder than For My Father though, so you're gonna have to work a little harder for it, but it'll definitely be worth it.