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15 71%
6 29%
Voters: 21.
I've the same of both if you count acoustic guitars. Four amps, three electrics and an acoustic.
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3 Electric, 1 7-string, 2 acoustics, 1 classical and 1 bass. 10 years of collecting has caught up with me.
2 guitars and 2 amps. One amp is a complete POS, so i won't count it though (sp-10).
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I have four electrics, a bass and an acoustic and five amps.... so I have more guitars than amps.... I think....
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I have two amps I use mainly, but 3 others I don't really use, but 2 guitars well, three including acoustic so more amps

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I have 2 guitars and one amp... and I wouldn't call this a game, I would call it a survey for statistical data.