You posted your original cover on here before too, right? I think I remember critiquing it before.

Anyhow, your cover sounds great now! Thanks for sharing.
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haha Captivate yea, you're right. I recognized your name the second I saw it too, thanks.

And jimtaka, wow man thanks, I don't think my technique is anywhere near his, but thanks I appreciate it. I'm gonna have tell you the exact same thing about your Rylynn cover, it was absolutely amazing. I'm a sucker for reverb so that's the only thing that was missing for me. Still perfect though.
Very nice job, it sounded excellent. Oh, and Nice guitar. You should make a post in the "Norwegian tapping acoustic shred metal" or whatever it's called thread about this, because that's just a thread basically for people to post their work, covers and original stuff, and we'd love to add this to there.
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Dang man awesome! Love the reverb and the ambient white noise in the background.

I'll agree with Dave here...I like it better than the original
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^-- Dave?

And I agree with Natrone, it's the ambiance of your recording that really struck me, ROMEO. And thanks for the kind words about my Rylynn cover!
Wow thanks, both of you. I liked the ambiance a lot as well.

Thanks for the suggestion clay, I'll post it there soon.

Anyways, youtube finally allowed Rylynn to upload without failing, so It'll be in the first post now. Check it out, and let me know what you guys think....again lol.