ok ive been giving serious thought to buying a talkbox ever since i went to see peter frampton last month. And i just need to know a few things.
1.) does nebody have any recommendations under $150 (im only 15 no job equals limited cash. and no im not a beginner ive been playing since i was 8.)
2.) is a microphone nessecary if u rnt playing live?
3.) ne other tips would be great.
I would recommend a Rockatron banshee http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Rocktron-Banshee-Talk-Box?sku=154218

If your playing with other musicians the mic is necessary because all the talkbox does is project the sound into your mouth and it isn't very loud. So if you are playing with other musicians no one will hear it. You won't need a mic if your just sitting in a room by yourself playing guitar, but it will be quiet.

As for tips on using a talkbox it will take some time to get it to work right. Mess around with which direction the tube is facing in your mouth.
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okay cuz im barely willing to spend the amount nessecary for the talkbox so if i need to buy a mic to ill just forget it for awhile. even tho i do need a mic since i started doing the oneman band harmonica/guitar/vocals thing.
the rocktron u recommended sounds like it would be amazing but im trying to save for a car and event ho it is on sale my dad doesnt think its a good idea. so im considering the dan electro free speech since its cheap and is at least functional. does nebody know anything about it.....at all?
I personnally own a Rocktron Banshee and love it. Don't think you'll be doing the Frampton thing on the spot though... it takes a lot of practice to master.
I haven't heard good things about the Danelectro, but I haven't tried it myself. Almost every talkbox fan on youtube I see is using the Banshee...
well thank you. i mite have to wait a while before i can get it but im probably gonna go with the banshee.