Hello Fellow Guitar players;

I'm in need of some guidence, Which amp Should I buy..I'm looking for a high gain head for Metal and the likes.

I'm based in the Uk, with a small budget of around £400-£600.

So far..I've been looking at Bugera 333XL for around £420 and the Peavy Valve King 100watt for around £350, both amps I'm not sure of and have heard bad things about both

Any thoughts?
Niall Fegan
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The Valveking will need work to do metal well, which you may or may not be willing to put in.

I'd recommend the Hayden Mofo, but the Bugera will do metal very well.
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Okay. Also, I should have mentioned this in my first post, what genre(s) will you be playing (throw some band names at us) because "metal" is far too broad a term.
Mostly Prog such as Dream Theater and Opeth but I'm a man of many different sub genres of metal, I suppose I'm looking for that sort of Chimaira and Lamb of God style tone for the rhythm playing and a warm shreddy type tone for leads, Which is quite alot to ask for given my price range...
Niall Fegan