So, I'm generally new to playing guitar, about a year and a half now, and today at a lesson my guitar teacher put a pick between the bottom of the neck and the top of the base of my Fender strat. I think he did that to straighten out the neck/give it a slight, slight downward angle. He told me the pick wasn't big enough (he used a Medium) and told me to go home and add a Heavy sized pick (.88mm). I did that and none of the frets would play as the strings were laying flat across all frets.

So, I raised the bridge of the E(6th) and A(5th) string so that those strings eventually became playable. I then tried to do the same with the D(4th) string, but I can not raise the bridge anymore and the 7th through 21st frets all either have a vibration or won't play.

I need some advice on how to get my guitar back to "normal" so that I can play it again, preferably leaving the pick in like he instructed. I would call him and ask, but he's gone all week, so hopefully you guys can offer me some help. Thanks.
first of all, using a pick as a shim? ew. just ... EW!

I dunno why you need a shim in the first place unless you couldn't get your bridge low enough or smth. A pick won't "straighten out the neck". I'd suggest taking it out completely unless you just can't lower the bridge far enough. If that's the case, make a proper shim rather than use a pick.

If for some strange reason you decide you MUST use a Fender Heavy as a shim and can't raise the bridge saddles far enough, you could use longer height screws. But it seems senseless to me.
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so you're basically shimming the neck up at the joint? This I have never herd of.

I'm no expert but this doesn't sound good to me. In fact it sounds like it could be detrimental to your tone and sustain. I would just put it back to normal.
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Thanks for the replies. So I removed the pick, and tried readjusting the bridge to wear it was before. However, I can't quite get the same sound the guitar used to get.

Is there any advice anyone can give me on readjusting the bridge to its original position?
Did you intonate it? Sorry if it sounds like a stupid question, just that you didn't mention anything about it.
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i attempted to make a floating bridge by taking single coil pickup covers and cutting out the middle pieces of them (with the holes for the pole pieces) and used themfor a 6-screw strat bridge to make it somewhat "floating". you could try that, maybe. but i don't see why you would need to shim the neck . . . . unless you put a floyd on there or something.
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So why did he do this?

Is the action high or something? This is pretty much the only reason on a Strat that you might want to induce neck angle, but is not really the way to do it.

Did he tell you why he was doing it?
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Well that's not the way to lower it in most cases (certainly not with a crumby pick). For a strat style guitar you only need to lower the saddles with a small allen key and maybe sort the nut out. While I've shimmed necks before, that was only because the bridge itself was high off the face of the guitar (tune o matic style etc).

Can you tell us what doesn't sound quite right? Does it sound out of tune? Or is there fret buzz etc?