my starting guitar

What's staying:
bridge (for a while at least)
pickup selector
output jack

What's coming:
G&L Legacy single coil pickups (got a ridiculous deal on them)
Seymour Duncan Alternative 8 TB-15
Seymour Duncan Triple-Shot mounting ring
new pots (haven't totally decided on the ohms yet, probably 500k volume, 250k tone)
a push-pull bridge-on switch
a mini-toggle kill switch
graphtec nut
grover mini locking rotomatics
and some action/feel adjustments

feel free to comment and give suggestions
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I would HIGHLY recommend a push button momentary switch rather than a mini toggle, it's more durable for killswitch usage, and it will be easier/quicker to use.

(One of) the most commonly used is the "3 Amp Soft Touch Momentary SPST" you can get it at your local radio shack.

Other than that it all looks good.

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