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Did you go to school or graduate with anyone who became famous?
when i graduate i'll let you know


(i still like you though)
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Jennifer Granholm's (Michigan governor) two daughters. Not really famous. I never went to school with the guy, but the founder of Google went to my high school. As did Timothy Busfield, who's in Revenge of the Nerds.
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the bassist of testament used to go to my highschool (obviously, they went long before I did)
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John Mayer went to my school... I don't think for very long, and I doubt he liked it, but nevertheless, he did attend classes in my school at one point in time
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Steve Stamkos anyone? He went to my high school.
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the bassist of testament used to go to my highschool (obviously, they went long before I did)

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John Mayer went to my school... I don't think for very long, and I doubt he liked it, but nevertheless, he did attend classes in my school at one point in time

my school is small and has only been around a couple of years so i doubt anyone who graduates will become famous
except maybe for

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Those of us in college could list very many. I won't even bother.

haha very true. I got James Earl Jones, Lucy Liu, Tom Brady, and many more in that regard.
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Steve Stamkos anyone? He went to my high school.

Sweet. What was he like?

Josh Hartnett and Rachel Leigh Cook( ) both went to my high school. They graduated a good bit before i got there. My brother might have had classes with them though.
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i graduated high school with nate montana (joe montana's older son). his younger son nick was 2 grades below me.

EDIT: also, david hasselhoff's daughter goes to my college. i saw the hoff in a restaurant close by and he was in the student section at one of our football games.
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frankie muniz went to my elementary school.
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there isnt even anyone famous in my general area cept for kix, and none of them went to my school
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The Answer

Theres more. But those are the main ones
my school is only 4 years old. :/

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Some pro wrestler went to my school. I can't remember the name though. I ****ing hate wrestling.
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johnny depp used to go to a school close to mine supposedly. but as for my school, i dont think so.
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I went to school with the kid who Played Peter pan (Jeremy Sumpter I think is his name) in elementary school. He used to be full of himself in ELEMENTARY school so I hate to see how full of himself he is now.
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bob saget went to our rival school. And Jim Cramer, the guy from mad money graduated from our school many years ago.
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I'm currently in high school, but the guy who played Jam in Detroit Rock City went to my high school.
No but all these people went to the same high school as me.

Criss Angel, magician/illusionist, and stunt performer
Adam Busch, actor/singer
Richard Greenberg, Broadway playwright (Take Me Out, A Naked Girl on the Appian Way, The American Plan)
Brandon Moore, NFL linebacker
Rob Moore, NFL wide receiver
Rich Ohrnberger, National Football League offensive lineman
Joel Rifkin, American serial killer
Darren Romeo, Illusionist and Magician. Sole protegé of Siegfried and Roy.
Frank Viola, Major League Baseball pitcher
Matt Serra, UFC Fighter and former UFC Welterweight Champion

And possibly Sterling Morrison (i know he's from where i live, not sure if he went to the same high school though)
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I'm currently in high school, but the guy who played Jam in Detroit Rock City went to my high school.

That's cool.

I don't know if any of you have heard of them, but the band H.M.P. (Heavy Metal Poetry) formed at my high school.
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The Senior High(Our school is divided from 9-10 and 11-12) I will attend in a year had Lance Armstrong and Kristen Holt from G4

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Brad Pitt, long before my time. Lucas Grabile (something like that) from the High School Musical movies, graduated a couple years before me.
ask us in 20 years when pepole we graduate with become famous
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I just graduated. But before my time, one of the guys that founded Google, some chick who was on Heroes and Lost, and Martin Lawrence went to my old school.
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Patton Oswalt went to my high school. They brought him back for the graduation speech last year. Was great.

im so jealous

The Bled went to my high school
Aaron Carter wanted to go to my high school but couldn't get in because of his pathetic GPA. One of my friends went to school with Steven Tyler's younger daughter.
Not really.

Funny story though, our school choir is the only choir in the whole state that has a backing band to play for their songs(i'm the bassist) and we went to California for a trip, playing for elementary schools and theme parks and such, but we stopped at another high school, forget the name, and perform for them, they get on stage and perform for us and they blow our choir out of the water. Singing, choreography, the works. Turns out, a couple of the main actors in High School Musical are in that group.
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Gwen Stefani went to my elementary and the guy who created Spongebob Square was a teacher(I think) at the high school that I was going to go to before I moved,which is the same one where Gwen went to.
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No, Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails) went to my school though, and grew up in my town.
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