I am a new member, but I have been lurking for a while now and have received a ton of help from diff threads and articles. I have been playing for about 6 months and have a Fender Strat Special Ed (got it for a great price from a friend) and just picked up a ValveKing 112. I also just picked up the Boss RC-2 loop and the Boss OS-2.

Can someone explain to me how to connect the pedals to the amp for the best sound? I believe I have to connect the pedals to the effects loop on the amp and plug the guitar into the input. Is it best to leave the amp settings on clean and then use the OS-2 to adjust the gain and distortion? Can I use the lead channel on the amp together with the effects pedal? Can I connect the guitar to the OS-2 then connect the OS-2 to the loop then connect it all to the input as opposed to the effects loop (prob not)?

Also, I really like Page's and Gilmore's sound. Any thoughts on how to achieve???

I would appreciate as much info as you can give.
Thanks in advance for your help.
First of all welcome to UG!

Feel free to post/ask in The Valveking thread too. Lots of good info in there. Typically, an overdrive pedal like the OS-2 would go in front of the amp (Insert Jack). So Guitar > OS2 > Amp. The looper I believe would go in the effects loop but I'm not real up on loopers.

Personally, I would set the Gain at '0' and the Level at '10'. This will overdrive the tubes (amps natural distortion).

It can be used on both the clean and lead channels.

Good luck,