Alright, so I have just normal cable through my 27 inch flatscreen apex tv, and channell 41, my favorite always bounces around, like the picture vibrates, and its only on this one channell, and its very aggravating becuase the shows i like are on when i like to watch them on this channel so it would be great if someone could help me out, yes i have tried changing the picture settings. May it be due to the shows i watch? i watch things like things like simpsons and south park alot so maybe they are wierd cuz of the color? i have no idea. Thanks in advance.
tv make them moving pictures and such aint it?
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Sadly I'm much more knowledgeable in the art of watching TV, call me up if you need help with that sometime.
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Throw a bowling ball at it
All I know is that if you smash the screen with a skateboard. It starts to smoke
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Does this just occur on the one channel or have you just not noticed it happening on any other channel because you don't watch them? For the best answer either call your cable provider or TV manufacurer.
All I care to know about my TV is that it makes pictures and sound for my enjoyment.

And if it doesnt do this, I smack a hoe.

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