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10 56%
8 44%
Voters: 18.
So yeah, I'm looking at getting a moderately nice guitar and I'm pretty much stuck between the Jackson Warrior and the BC Rich Stealth. I'm currently playing on an Ibanez RG350dx which has some pretty nice pups, but I'm really tired of that floating bridge and I'm looking for a guitar without any type of floyd now. So yeah, opinions?
What warrior are you looking at? If it's the WR1, get that over the Stealth as it's more versatile because of the Stealth lacking a neck pickup.

If it's the WRXT, get the Stealth.

If it's the WRMG, then it's up to you if you like passives or actives better. I'd personally go with the Stealth as I prefer passives.

In a nutshell, I'd get the Stealth if you only play metal, and I'd get the Jackson if you play more then metal.
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wesselbindt - I'm thinking around $500 and then crossing my fingers for a good deal on a used one

Dime - awesome advice! I'm thinking passives because I hate dealing with batteries
By the BC Rich stealth you're meaning the Chuck Schuldiner signature tribute stealth or are you going custom shop?

Assuming that it is the Chuck Stealth, I'd probably pick the Jackson because even though the Stealth is a monster, I'm not to fond of single pup guitars.
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