Ok so this is a song I've had in the works for awhile. It's still not quite finished, but I have the instruments down except 1 bass line I haven't quite decided on yet. It's a long one, but I love it all the way through. The beginning and end though are my favorite, the middle is fun but without the vocal melody it can seem kinda draggy. The intro and the last 2 minutes are probably my favorite, it ends with a nice riff then a sweet acoustic harmony/melody with a familiar theme, but I'll leave it up to you to find out what that is. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

Also, the files to large to upload on here, max is 50kb this is 101... so it's on filefactory for ya, heres the link:
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I wouldnt call it metal but still very nice. I like the balence and texture, very polyphonic and you can hear all the instruments, even the bass.
My suggestions are make the drums more interesting, but It looks like your just putting them there for a beat anyways so thats cool. Also make the bass a bit more interesting/ rythmic when its playing by its self.

Cool song anyways


Check my song out too,
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