Mexican hss fender strat, worth the chance? And what major store may I purchase one? How are they against the Americans? How would they sound through a vox vt30 for lots of different music, Indy, classic rock, hard rock, led Zeppelin(they have no genre!!)
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I can't talk about the HSS, but my Classic Player MIM is American quality, despite what the biased critics will tell you. I will say I like the American tremolo over the vintage, but oh well, it's a piece of hardware that can be swapped out based on personal preference.

Go on and flame, I won't get into an argument.
The mexican strats are fine, a good mexican is better than a bad american strat. I dont think guitar center has mexican hss strats so check musicians friend.

Hss strats are very versatile. Only thing it wouldnt fit is really heavy metal but with the right amp you could do it.
Breaking stereotypes by playing indie on a metal guitar.

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Try before you buy. Some MIMs are better than some MIAs, but IMO the best MIAs are always better than the best MIMs. Quality can vary a lot between guitars, so make sure to play first.
So if I went to guitarcenter and played an American hss your saying Its pretty much the same? (emphasis on pretty)
No. Different quality wood pieces, different electronics, different fret count (do the MIMs still have 21? not sure on this). Generally the MIAs are better in every way (some do prefer the MIM stock pups, however) but there are always exceptions. I went straight to an American Deluxe, and am very glad I did.
I haven't played very long, so I don't need all if the bells and whistles, and bang per buck would say a 400ish dollar mim be a good level guitar for me, or should I save the extra 100-200 dollars for mia
That's tough. MIA isn't always worth it, but IMO when it is, it IS. I would just see how they played first. When I went to buy my 2nd electric guitar (about a year after I started) I played at least 20 guitars and ended up buying the one that felt the best. I didn't even really know all the specs, just that it felt the best. If you find a guitar that plays worlds better than everything 200 bucks cheaper, then it would probably be worth it to save up.
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I didn't even really know all the specs, just that it felt the best.

This. Yes, my MIM has 21 frets. And you're right, some do prefer the MIM pickups - a friend is actually thinking of switching out the Alnicos on his American Strat to the same noiseless ones on my Mexican one. The Alnicos seem to be just a scosh hotter, but again, it's all personal preference.

Out of curiosity, why the HSS in particular?
I like how much variance you can get with the humbucker. I'm open to the singles, I'd just have try more, and I don't mind more playing
i have a mexican hss and have recieved compliments on how much it feels/plays like an american strat. i just threw a dimarzio dual sound(Super Distortion with a coil split) in the bridge and you wouldn't believe how versatile this thing is now.
btw i've been plying through a vox vt50 and a peavey prowler all day it sounds great

edit: i play it way more than my american standard if that says anything
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