Hey, I've been having serious trouble with this technique. I keep coming across situations where I need them, so i want to once and for all learn them properly.

Judas Priest - Painkiller riff


Here's my problem:

When I downpick the first note, I cant seem to bring the pick back up to the low 'e' string without hitting the 'a' string.

How do I play this cleanly and properly?

Any help would be much appreciated

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i personally don't play these palm muted riffs with alternate picking. i just down pick the whole thing, unless there is some irregularity
Same as Mashizz. But if you wanna alt. pick it, start with an upstroke on the E on your 5th string. Then up stroke your 6th string, down it. Up on your D on the 5th..etc.etc.

EDIT: Just tried it out. It may be better to start down picking and so on instead up starting with an up stroke. It seems like without good precision you'll get really sloppy or out of time very fast.

Really, I'd just downpick it all.
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[font="Courier New"]e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|

Do alternate picking on that, on the D string use a down stroke, and on the G string use an up stroke. Oh, and do it slow of course.

Hope this helps

EDIT: oh yeah. This exercise also helps with finger independence I think.

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Play it slpw at first man. I know it's gona be boring as hell, but it's what you have to do. When practicing slow, make sure you concentrate on the part you want to improve, in your case, it's when your comming back up, you dont want to hit the A string. Get a metronome, set up a speed slow enugh where you can play it perfectly, and then raise the speed up little buy little.