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Mistakes are unacceptable
11 17%
I mess up sometimes but I always try to do my best
38 58%
I mess up sometimes because i'm moving around
13 20%
I mess up a lot, but i have a lot of fun, so who cares?
4 6%
Voters: 66.
I always hear statements like "Don't worry if you mess up, just have fun. Jump around while you play blah blah blah". But when I go see a band, i dont want them to jump around and not be able to sound good. Who wants to listen to a half hour of out of tune power chords and a sloppy solo mixed with half-assed, out of breath vocals?

So, pit, when you play live do you play to have fun for yourself or do concentrate to put on a good show for the people that came to hear you? If you don't play live, answer with what you would do if you did play live.

Personally, I would always try to play most accurately and tight with the rest of the band.
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I play for myself because im too shy.
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It's definetely a mixture of both, but if I sound good, then it's more fun for me because I can appreciate my sound better and know that the crowd likes it so It's kind of a Win/win.

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Shouldn't it be for both?

Have fun while playing correctly.
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I've never played a real concert, but when I'm jamming, I'm willing to do as much dumb shit as possible without it messing up what I'm playing. However, I'm not gonna start jumping around like a psycho if it's causing me to miss notes or something like that.
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You can't do both unless you're playing kindergarten music
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i dont mind messing up from time to time. most of the audience will never know that i messed up. i do try to do my best though but mistakes happen.
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Dillinger Escape Plan.

I've seen them live and it was awful
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Dillinger Escape Plan.

Yeah, except they don't sound good live.
Learn your songs, get them down, then work on stage presence and showmanship. It's contempory music not classical.
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You can't do both unless you're playing kindergarten music

Chili peppers?
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Yeah, except they don't sound good live.


actually, TDEP is a pretty good example of doing both.
i play with the crowd, if thats what you mean

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Shouldn't it be for both?

Have fun while playing correctly.

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Your opinions about the quality of the band's writing are subjective. They play their music spot on live and move around a lot whilst doing it.

I dunno, I've heard some of their studio stuff and some live stuff, it sounds more like a dude screaming over white noise live. But then again, maybe the dude taping it just had a ****ty camera.

But I'm biased, because I despise them, so whatever. Ignore me.
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I always try to play/sing the best that I can. It's kind of hard for my band to jump around to the style of music we play so we usually just concentrate on playing and try to get points from the crowd between songs.
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Standing still on stage in most genres of music just looks boring and lethargic. If the music is energetic, the performance should at least contain some energy too in my opinion. As I play in a heavy rock/metal band, standing still just doesn't look the part. That said, depsite the (relative) complexity of some of the material, playing accurately is not an issue and I might make one or two minor mistakes in a show, but it is not moving around that causes it.

That being said, if you jump around and piss around to the point where you can't play your own material competently, then you're focusing too much on 'putting on a show'. I think good showmanship is a sign of a good band though - if you can move around and still sound good, it shows good musicianship.
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Learn your songs, get them down, then work on stage presence and showmanship.

thats exactly what I was gonna say
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The punk and ska mentality in my town is that even if you sound like crap, if you perform energeticaly, the crowd won't care. That doesn't sit well with me for some reason.
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