Was thinking about this today...there should be a pedal that gives warmth to tone, is there any thing like this already??
well, define your terms of warmth.

you could try getting an eq pedal to dial in that warmth in more ways then your normal amp eq can. that or try to mess around with an overdrive pedal or something.
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Yup....an EQ would probably work.

Or try making a pedal that shorts everytime you switch it on, running at like 40 V, that should get petty warm.
I want to try running a clean tube amp slave into my Ampeg. That would be cool?
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I like to tape a hairdryer to my cab and point it the same direction as the speaker. Whenever I crouch down and listen, bam, warm tone.

I'd say tubescreamers add some warmth.
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Unless its electronic drums.

I've heard guitar tone knobs give you a slightly warmer tone when you roll them off.
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why would you need a pedal when you can just switch to the neck pickup?
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Warmth is a broad term, sonically. There are a lot of ways to achieve this. It is more the side effect of some pedals than the actually effect.
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Unless its electronic drums.

You can buy small tube preamps that greatly help with your warmth. Many of these are under $50.
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I'd imagine it would be something that adds impurities to the sound that are somehow pleasing to the ear.

I have absolutely no idea how you would pull that off, though. Or even if it'd work.
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I'll play...

let's go ahead and set some boundries/guidelines for the rather abstract term "warmth"

...how 'bout (1) natural compression/clipping, (2) moderate mid-boost, (3) increased gain (thus leading to the tube-style clipping mentioned before... kinda redundant for face value, but not really if you think about it), (4) harmonic content, even-order, the good kind.

anyone care to add?
Attenuator/Volume pedal?


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I've got it!

take a big box, put a plexi in it, and rig up a footswitch that turns it on!

hehehe... this thread is great.
Tone knob gets my vote.
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Tubescreamer with the gainn rolled off and the tone on 11'oclock
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