ok i got this tab I wrote...and its pretty simple...just a little riff similar to crazy train by Ozzy...and I also got a break down that pretty much follows suit...i was wondering what scale i should solo in for this and also if this is in a particular key and what key that might be...anyway here is the tab


the main break down i got are powerchords and i wont tab the exact number but here is the order

so basically G#, E, B, A#

if anyone could help me out that would be awesome i was thinking i should solo in A harmonic Minor or something cause it contains a lot of what I use...but its just ackward for me (not too familiar with the scale either)

anyway thanks a bunch
this is in Ab Minor. So you should probably use the Ab minor scale or some form of it.
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yea that was what i was thinking.....Ab harmonic minor scale in my scale book pretty much contains all the same notes...but just sounds funny to me...i dont got a feel for the scale yet...but i will definitely go back and see if i can rework some stuff and get it to fit together good...

anyway open for more opinions...thanks Dad...you atleast helped me comfirm my suspiscion which tells me im on the right track