so i just got this message from my ex on myspace:

"hey how are you? i kno you prolly dont wanna talk to me, but i wanted to say sry again for everything and i want peace and to be civil (: oh yeah and thre was a point to this message, i got tested for HIV and all those ****, and no i didnt have that. i had um NSU but its gone now, i dont know if it was from you or current bf so you should probably just get checked out for all those things anyways so your gf doesnt get it either. but i doubt youll get it or have it so dont worry but its gd to still get checked out hopeeeee we can still be friends ! (:"

what the hell is NSU?!
i know for a fact i was clean so if she gave me something......
You caught Nsu while snu-snu-ing ?
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I got to warn you for spam though...

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^ lame....


Nude Syndrome Underpants.

Terrible, terrible disease...get yourself checked out. No one wants to see your junk all over the place or let you freeball your way into Chapped Ball Disorder.
Nut Sack Umbrellas.

My condolences.




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My God, this must be the smartest/greatest guy ever.
ok i think im fine

we havent had sex since march 08 and i hear shes turned into a slut since then

still though when i read that message i freaked the **** out.

medical crap freaks me out in the first place and this on top of that made me sweat like a bitch and almost pass out