does anyone have any experience with this guitar? or any opinions at all? im looking at purchasing it, and probably doing a pickup swap for versatility reasons...
I don't imagine that particular model plays any differently then the other RG2xxx guitars I've played. They rock - get one. Just make sure you try one in person somewhere before pulling the trigger.
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Because I bend in such an unorthodox fashion; the notes kinda slide up and slide down...
I own one. It's great. Tonally, it may not be for you because of the basswood body. But if you like basswood, go for it. It's great quality. It's one of the highest quality guitars I've played.

The trem is amazing...I'll just leave it at that. You won't have to deal with a lot of problems that you have with other double locking trems.

It also looks good. Pictures don't capture it. The white finish has gold sparkles in it. The pickguard is like a very dark maroon in the light, but it's like a white matte mirror when the light isn't on it. The inlays can only be seen in certain angles.
They're both great quality, but for different reasons. The Fender has that handmade mojo, and the Ibanez has that factory perfection thing going for it even though they're probably as handmade as the Fender.

They're completely different tonally, so you should probably base your decision on that. I bought my Strat as my main guitar, but then I realized it didn't really suit me that well. So I got the Ibanez and I play it everyday and my strat about once every 1 or 2 months.

The necks are very different. The Fender is fat and extremely comfortable for me. It fits like a glove. The Ibanez is thin and flat. I wouldn't really call it comfortable because it feels like nothing's there. The Ibanez isn't very comfortable for heavy chording but that neck is built for speed. Play something speedy on it and you'll see why it's so great. The bridge on the Ibanez is also a lot more comfortable for your right hand. The RG also has much better fret access.

I see the Ibanez as a sportscar and the Strat as a regular family sized sedan. The Ibanez is what you pick when you want to have a lot of fun when you play. The strat gets you from point A to point B, but it's not as exciting.

I would say that Ibanez is also a better value. It feels more expensive even though it's actually cheaper. The pickup combinations also add to the greatness. Single coil and humbucker options sound great. The S1 switch on the strat doesn't add as much as I hoped, but it's still useful.

They're both great, but they're completely different. The only thing they have in common are the 25.5" scale and bolt on necks. Just figure out what you want. If you play both of them side-by-side, you'll probably like one a lot more than the other since they're so different.