So today I decided that I wanted to make a Clocks instrumental in FL Studio.
Then I figured, why just stop at an instrumental?


Should be the first song, C4C
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yeah sounds great, couldnt see any flaws in it!

and great vocal work, coldplay must be proud!


sorry for the late crit...vocals were pretty good, although at some points you mess up a bit at the beginning but that's okay...great job on the high notes. The drums could really use some EQ because they just sounded really weak...the actual melody sounded pretty good, could use a little tweaking though....overall pretty good cover!
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the song sounds good in gerenal sounds good (vocals and arrangement).

its got a lot fo interesting sounds that come in and give the song movement as it progresses, so good stuff. I'm a little iffy about the drums in the chorus as they seem kind of flimsy sounding compared to the rest. the percussion throughout the song is good though, so perhaps look into continuing that sort of obvious programming tone for the drums.

the vocals are cool, but need to come more forward in the mix, it seems like everyone likes to hold back the volume control on vocals. ease a bit on the reverb. at times your vocal placement rolls back into your throat instead of projecting forward from the front of your voice, especially when you sing 'nothing else compared'.

overall, its a good cover. perhaps look into recording some real bass over the top of it, or something to have a bit more of a human depth like soft arpeggiating guitar chords.

p.s - thanks for the comment before.