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ok so i just read on metal hammer that The UK Government are threatening to cut-off the internet connections of those who download music and movies illegally.

so what do the pit think of this do you think its good or bad, do you download music or dvds, do you think downloading music helps bands or not what are your views on this
Terrible thing. I download most of the music I have, I can't afford to spend money on albums all the time.

Do some bands really need that much money? I mean I realise alot of smaller less popular bands and artists need the money, so I will try to buy there albums, unless theres no where I can get them of course. But the big time bands and artists, this hardly hurts them, they're just being greedy.
does anyone know when these measures will be put into place?
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downloading illegally means against the law, so this is just a law enforcing a law, they're not making anything else illegal that already isnt. just dont break the law and u have nothing to worry about.
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By the time they implement that, I hope to be rich enough to just buy everything I want.
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It wont be implemented, ISPs don't want it, the public doesn't want it and many other important people with brains do't want it.