Hey, I've got my major music assesment coming up next week (which I totally forgot about :P) and I need a good song to play.
Last solo I played Scream Aim Fire, 'cause it was the first easyish song that I could play that came to my head and I got a 9/10.
I might play Suffocating Under Words of Sorrow but I really don't want to play 2 BMFV songs in a row. I'd rather stick to that type genre (so no insane jazz solo's) but I don't mind if you suggested a sweet as rock solo like purple haze.
Thanks if you can help
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I did enter sandman as a solo and master of puppets as a group one in my band and have aced it, baring in mind i played all of James Hetfields parts...

Edit: thinking about your style, i would suggest this song, i love it and my music teachers looked in awe, even though its not difficult.
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^ speaking of metallica, fade to black would be good, really good to improvise to as well. I got into my bachelors course for music doing that song. otherwise something more on the 'core side...try some trivium!
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Stairway To Heaven

Lol, no. It's a really long, fairly easy and overused song.
It's not going for any particular grade, just my yearly report. I'm year 9 but don't judge me on that 'cause I can play ;D
I would play trivium but the two songs I would play (Insurrection and Suffocating Sight) just have too harder solos to learn for next week and I usually can't keep tight accurate fingering for the hard parts when performing live.
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