Hi guys!

Right, im trying to get a sound out of my guitar like a synth!

I went to see a band called health the other day, the bassest played on a song one note which created this electronic rhythm. It was like it was delay but much more than that. Playing a few notes in a bar sounded amazing, more like a synth sound.

Also i think the guitarist out of BRMC used something similar on in like a rose, probably loads of example but i cant think of any right now.

Does that make sense? Any suggesttion on how I can create it?
im dying to know! it probably costs a bomb and you need a million pedals!
Woohoo Pukkelpop! Anyway, for synth sounds, I really like the MXR Blue Box. Or you could always invest in a Roland guitar synth with matching pickup.
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oh yeah? well larry king the slayer guitarist owns bc rich guitars. (i think)
Maybe something like the EHX Hog / Pog / Micro pog? They do some pretty wierd stuff.
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The HOG looks like it will do the job!

I'll add it to the list!