hey guys

ive been playing guitar for about 2 years and ive stayed away from stomp boxes and effects cause ive had no real experience in em.right now i just use a boss mt2 but im planning on getting a ls 2 line selector and NT 2 noise suppressor however i do wanna get sum effect that will really spice up and scream with my solos but not sure which one cause im very inexperienced with effects.my amp does have sum effects like flanger and chorus and delay and initially i had it just on flanger (only used during solos with distortion) but now ive switched to abit of chorus.the effects are sufficient but i want to get an independent pedal that will really give me options to make that solo a little extra special.what would be better a flanger or chorus and delay?or reverb?or octave?
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If you're using a MG, which is a modelling amp, I wouldn't suggest external effects. It will sound crap...

from my experience effect units always sound bad with MG's, but i dont know about the 100 watt version as you seem to have the boss hooked up to that and I dont know what it sounds like...
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Most replies you get are going to be in his format. What would really spice up your solos is a new amp. The MG's distortion isn't the best. There's a thread on Marshalls in GG&A and they're really right on how the MG's distortion sounds. It's really quite lifeless and really your going to have a lot more spice in your tone with getting a new amp.
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Try a delay, maybe a dotted eighth? You could try using it to harmonize the notes as well.
I'd go with the delay, it makes your tone seem much more 'full' and epic if tweaked right.
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I think delay is one of the more useful solo effects because you can use it on all solos and it never gets tacky or old. It just adds a little depth to it. But I'm a fan of multi-effects because you get to experiment with different effects. Most single effects aren't worth their cost because they get old and you need to use them tastefully.
I would get a delay and a wah can also add a lot of flavor to your solos if used right.
I'd say get a multi FX too. Great to tell you what's what, what muddies your sound and what enhances it. My favourite way of getting a good solo boost is through the EQ part of my Digitech. Get the mids up and away you go. A little reverb in there also helps but I prefer my amp's spring reverb.
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Wah tends to help, get a decent one though. Then a decent amp to follow (I'm allowed to say that I used to own that amp) Also, the MT-2 is probably not helping as that + MG is horrific (Once again I used to own that combination allowed) Maybe wah, and a little of the delay from the amp?
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Get a Wah, and an Octave pedal really adds a lot of thickness to solos. Don't do any double stops with them though *shudders*.
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ok thanx guys i will definately look into a wah or delay.i no MGS are really bad but i just needed something that will serve me for live performances for now
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Wah pedal. In all honesty, I feel like it's the perfect start to a pedal collection :3.


You could also get an independent chorus pedal, delay, Reverb, flanger, phaser...

In fact, I've given myself a list of things to buy .

you could also try to put in a bit of emotion into your solos the best and most original of effects.
also what pickup you use when you do a solo is important
if not delays your best bet.