Quote by DEEVIOUS1
You should have called it "Crap!", would've been more appropriate.

you just made me spit coffee all over my laptop!
RIP Turnip. RIP MCA.
RIP #58.
very mature post

did u even listen to the whole track?
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Very good track and playing. Nice build up
Wish I could hear what DEEVIOUS calls not crap, assuming "not crap" is what he does.
Unfortunately, nothing. I saw his other posts, though...
Gibson23, be happy, because anything negative coming from that kind of guy means that you are on the right track.
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^ Lol, too right! I just listened to it, its not my cup of tea exactly but it is good.
Cool Song! I think some folks need to understand that a song designed for vocals..yet does not have them yet...may sound a little redundant. This is because the lyrics round it out. Believe that is the case here.

If you take vocals out of many of your favorite tunes...they will sound kinda weird.

Anyway, I thought is was very good!