Hey guys,

Havent played guitar in a long while and im hoping to get back into it a bit!

Atm my gear kinda puts me off it, ive got a nice fender lite ash telecaster but my amp really doesnt give my tele its dues.

My amp is a marshall mg100dfx and i should be selling it on ebay or something.

with the money i make, i should be buying a new amp

i dont really wanna add any more money into it to be honest. i really dont mind dropping wattage whatsoever because i only need a bedroom sized amp.

i want to get an arctic monkeys sort of sound from whatever you say i am thats what im not their album, and i think i should be able to get a little bit closer having a tele.

so what do you guys recommend? a little fender or something would be nice but let me know what you think thanks a lot x
Willing to go Used?
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You are not gunna get enough cash from selling your MG100DFX on eBay to get an amp that would be an upgrade really. You're gunna have to put some more towards it. Also, where abouts in the world are you?
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im willing to go used

i dont mind putting a bit of money on top of what i make i suppose,

Im in the UK
some dude on ebay is shifting his mg100dfx and its going for £88 atm with 6 hrs left so id be happy with that .

Id end up having about £100 to spend on a new amp including my own money, you guys know of anything i could get with that, even if its small i dont mind. Im more than willing to go used

thanks guys
UG needs a GBP converter installed somewhere on this site. It'd be about 227. For that price...Americans may be able to stretch it and pick up a Line 6 Flextone II for 250. Or you could do one of those Vox preamp tube amps that I never play on so I don't know their names. Peavey Vypyrs. Fender Super Champ XD as someone said awhile back. The Vox AC4 is a nice little tube amp and it's 300 bucks. Oh wait...My favorite amp in that price range would be a used crate V18. Like this one;


2x12 18w tube combo with a good clean and good drive. If I were you'd I'd be all over that. I've played the V5's and the V33 combos and they were both great, I don't see why the V18 2x12 wouldn't be either.
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