Hello everyone!

My name is Saša, I'm from Ruski Krstur (Voivodina, Serbia, Europe), and I've been composing and homerecording for a some period.
On a link www.myspace.com/paradoxrk you can hear mostly new stuff, but also a few song taken from earlier releases.
I also made an myspace profiles for all releases and you can find them in friend section on top. Unfortunatelly, they are not updated yet, so you'll be able to hear only 6 song per album...

Privately, I listen to metal, mostly. But when it comes to creation, I do it in a very different way.

History of my band Paradox is available on a link I already left you above.

Now, I would like to hear your opinions! Thank you!
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Sorry for a mistake in a title!
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Check out my new song called Carpe Diem!

Both guitar and bass guitar were played on Ovation Clbrty...