First of all i'd like to say that i'm not spiritual in the slightist.

Last night (or whatever I only woke up about an hour ago, yes i live in the UK, and yes im a lazy t*at) I had the same dream I had before I started high school.

I remembered it vividly it was all covered in snow and there were floodlights and a massive courtyard underneath them with a large stone octagon. I remember there being blackbirds in the original dream.

Anyways despite it wasn't much of a dream and the fact that it wasn't actually anything like my high school I started high school 8 years ago. I went to sixth form there too.

I was wondering if this kick started something in my subconcious which led me to have the dream, as I found out last week (results day) that I'm going to university and that, that was one of the last times I'd ever enter my place of education for 8 years (yes i failed my first year of college). It was also my next leap in education as I had primary to high school (when I had the original dream) and now college to university (i didnt feel at all like college was much of a leap as it was the same building with most of the same people going)

Anyway has anyone else ever had anything like this before i.e. having a dream you know you expereinced years ago again.
I had a wierd dream lastnight that it was my first day of school this year (which is Friday, and we're having a half day, which is retarded, I know)

Anyway, It was like any other day that I went to school except i missed the bus, then embarked on an epic journey which i completely forgot, but remember setting off on it.

Anyway, I got to school with like 1 hour left in school and i showed up in the middle of a class and everyone disliked me.. i was like

Then I got on the bus home and my mom wasn't there to collect me (i live in the country) and i embarked on yet another epic journey home.. then I woke up and was like

❝Don't be afraid of death, but of an inadequate life❞
Bertolt Bretcht

This morning I dreamt that school had started back and my friends and I went epic skiving into the city (the nearest city is miles and miles away in the next county, so that in itself is epic)

It culminated in us getting arrested for jumping on something that had a big sign saying "DON'T JUMP ON THIS THING". That could well be a premunition, all we would need is a car
One girl have appeared more than 10 times in my dreams, but I haven't interacetd with her except from in two of them. That only in the recent three-months.
One time it was like 5 in a row. Kinda scary.
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