Firstly, the name Sinner's Sanctity is just temporary, if you got any better idea, i'd like to hear it. We are progressive ... metal, the "..." can be changed, because the vocalist's style has an impact on the genre too.

Drummer needs

- ...Pro recording quality
- ...to be online often (at least 4 times a week)
- ...Ok internet speed (wav's are big)
- ...to agree that the drummer will send the wav(s)
- ...Double bass (16ths at 150-180bpm might need double bass)
- ...A sample of your recording quality and skills
- ...Ability to record with metronome.
- ...100% Perfection

Vocalist Need

- ... great recording quality
- ... to be able to sing perfectly clean.
- ... the ability of writing lyrics
- ... energy in the singing
- ... perfection

To all of you, im a patient guy, so if you're busy with college/school, and might only be able to record 1 or 2 das a week, that's OK for me.

If your not ok with the req's, don't posts so, if you're not into metal, why are you even here in this thread?

Please, the band started in april, filling the vocalist and drummer spots now will be great.

POST here or add me on MSN: imaaugo@hotmail.com (you can add my MSN on yahoo messenger too).

Post your influenses too, because that might help me understand what you're into.

The clip on my profile is old and crappy, i use better software now.
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Do you have any sample material to listen to besides your intro so that we can get a better idea of what would fit?
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Ill sing or whatever, my influences include Cream, Megadeth, Disturbed, Godsmack, Clapton, Slipknot, Whitechapel
XBL Gamertag:thor7861
message me you're from UG first

I can't think of anything to put here

hey bro i can do some vocals with you or i can send you some demos... just to start i can bend to the musical needs i can do growls, screams, singing,rap,flow,scat....**** idk i can do pretty much anything as far as vocals.. so idk give me a message bro see what we can do if your interested
Quote by Pinto111
I may be able to do some vox
I have a recording in my sig
My voice there is a bit on the poppy side but I'm fairly versatile. Just cant scream or growl lol

Try to record some metal with energy and power.

To the others, im sending PMs now.
Anyone, please apply, im a patient person, so if you can't record everywhen, i accept that.
Hi, I can sing too if needbe... i'm a teen, so my voice is only clean

Influences - Metallica (duh), judas priest, queen, ac/dc, gnr, velvet revolver
(More on the heavy rock side, but can do metal too)

Please pm me if interested

No vocalist has sent a sample yet, so if you're ready, i will accept the first one i find great.

If you still don't have a vocalist, I can lay down some vocals for you. I'm 18, and a girl if that's not a problem. I sing clean, I've been writing lyrics for over half my life, and I've got decent recording quality. My influences for hard rock/ metal include Evanescence, All That Remains, Within Temptation, Killswitch Engage, older Metallica, Rise Against, and things like that. I've got some older recordings on my profile of me singing more pop/punk style music that I wrote, so the quality isn't very good and my voice has changed a little since those were recorded. Let me know what you think, I can send you a sample of anything you need.
Your voice on the songs don't have the guts a metal vocalist needs. Can you do some more gutsy stuff?

I've never gotten into music with a female vocalist, but maybe you'll better than the few bands witr female vocalist i have heard.
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Yeah, I can be a bit more "gutsy". Sometimes it's a little hard, but that's one thing I've really been working on lately. Right now I would compare my harder styled voice to be something in the vein of Heart, but it's still a work in progress. Like I said before, those songs were very punk-y (which is my more natural style, I wrestle with it a lot) and those recordings are outdated. Again, if you would like a sample, just ask me what you're looking for and I'll see if I can get a demo for you.
Any metal that is gusty and powerful (no black- death- or ther genres with screaming).