I was planning on purchasing a Indie Sun Extreme and they would make me one left handed for £1350, I tired out a lower spec model and was impressed by the great value for money. However they have mucked me about a lot now - originally supposed to go to production in late June early July it has slipped and slipped and slipped.

link to the guitar here: http://www.indieguitars.ca/products/sunextreme.htm

During this time I have had second thoughts - my music direction has changed slightly and I am much more sure about what I'd like - something versatile enough to play my styles of music and comfortable as well - and I've always loved the feel of both Strats and super strats.

I've seen a guitar and it looks great, as well as fitting what a desire from a guitar and sounding good too.
The only thing stopping me from cancelling the order right now is the price - it's £450 more than the Indie guitar I was buying:


My parents are partly funding this - so really I need some good reasoning to convince them of the extra £450... and this is a guitar sadly I am not able to try out in person because there is not a local Suhr dealer to me yet.

Is the Suhr worth the extra £450?
no, the carvin C66 is just as good, and it's probably half the price, and you can get it custom spec'd just for you and if i remember right i think they now pay duties and taxes when you buy them and have them shipped over seas.



EDIT: and they come in lefty too
That Suhr is an absolute beauty of a guitar and the finish is absolutely amazing. Personally I'd go with the Suhr.
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